Still buying Supplements from the Grey Market? Watchout!

Are you still being lured into buying your monthly quota of protein from an unauthorized source?!

Here are a few good reasons you should stray clear:

  • After the reduction in import duties, prices of all officially imported products in India have been drastically
    since July 2005 and are now lower than the same products in the grey market.

  • This is real food you are putting inside your body and not some luxury item where you can get a good deal
    and not bother for another couple of years! You are going to require your stock of protein week after week,
    month after month; makes more sense to get it from an Authorized Source such as an official
    Neulife Reseller.

  • ‘Grey Market’ supplements in most cases do not have the ‘Mfg date’ and ‘Date of Import’ which makes it
    easier for them to palm off expired stock to the customer at extra low prices.

  • ‘Penny wise, Pound Foolish’ is what best describes those who attempt to save money by purchasing their
    supplements from the grey market. For example, at the very most, the difference between an ON 100%

    WHEY GOLD 10LBS bag purchased officially or from the grey market will be a couple of hundred bucks.
    Now this bag will last an average person for atleast 2 ½ months, which means you save about Rs 80/-
    a month by purchasing this product from the grey market. This is about Rs 2.50 per day!

    Is it worth risking your health for this paltry amount? You decide.



Follow these 7 simple steps to ensure that you purchase 100% GENUINE products for the following brands in India- Optimum Nutrition (ON), BSN, LABRADA, VPX, ABB and SCHIEK:



Purchase all your products only from the Company’s Authorized Resellers or directly from any NEULIFE STORE.


Step 2 : VAP LOGO


 This is the 12” x 12” Vendor Authorization logo which is present at all authorized NEULIFE dealers in India. Make sure that your dealer has this prominently displayed at his establishment.



Look for the NEULIFE MRP Sticker on the jar, which contains the Mfg Date, Date of Import, Importer’s Name & Address, Manufacturer’s name & address, Retail Price and Qty. 



Always check the NEULIFE 3-D Hologram on every jar of any of the above brands you purchase in India. This hologram now comes as an integrated part of the NEULIFE MRP Sticker as an attached strip
All ON, BSN, LABRADA, VPX, ABB and SCHIEK products officially available in India now have this 3-D hologram on every jar. This 3-D NEULIFE Hologram which contains over 32 security features (both visible and not visible) is the final mark of authenticity. DEMAND IT FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER.

•Step 5: “NEULIFE BUY GENUINE BE SAFE” Logo/ Sticker

Look for the “Neulife Buy Genuine Be Safe Sticker” on all powder products which are above 300 gms in weight.



If you have any doubt about your product, report the Lot # and Expiry date, which is printed near the neck of the jar to the Company (only applicable for ON & BSN). 



Still have a doubt about the authenticity of your Dealer? Just mail us his details on and we will verify his authenticity. 


Here's a question we have been asked often -
"There are many fake supplements coming these days, we have to be alert about all the supplements. Is there any body in India or Mumbai which can decide whether the supplement is pure and original, like a governing body for the supplements in India whether Imported or Indian brands?" ..... read more


There are also some fake holograms being used by the grey market to mislead customers. Here are some examples-



WATCHOUT! Do NOT purchase any ON, BSN, LABRADA, VPX, ABB or SCHIEK products in India bearing either these fake Holograms or no holograms at all.

STILL DOUBTFUL? Just send us the Lot# and Expiry date marked near the neck of the jar and we will investigate its authenticity.


 Note for Special territories:

 Please note that additional markings have been developed for certain special territories where there is widespread counterfeiting and grey market presence. 

Click here to know more


Verify the Lot # and Expiry of your product

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